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Get hooked on home cooking all over again.

Love Your Kitchen.

Seductively healthy, inspired ideas for a week-night quickie, or a delicious dinner party.

Spice It Up.

Experience new flavors, international cuisine, and unique flavor combinations.

After all, isn't variety the spice of life?

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Our Customers Love Us!

This cafe de olla sugar from ‪#‎theflavorfix‬ is seriously delicious. When I opened my package this morning my husband said "oh you got your order of crack cocaine!"

Amy F.

Easiest enhancement ever! The blended mole spices made two delicious meals, with plenty left over for future feasts. Just follow the recipe, and enjoy... We loved the sugar blend in our coffee too!

Jeff O.

These spices are so fresh - way better than the ones you get at big chain supermarket stores. I feel like I am tasting flavors for the first time. Go Flavor Fix!

Kathy L.

I found my FIX. I appreciate that they use organic sources for the ingredients and everything I've received has been fantastic...

Jon D.

What an easy and fun way to experiment with new flavors... so yummy. Looking forward to the next fix!

Kimberly K.

Fantastic. Such a great concept and we love the Flavor Fix sweet and savory packets... It's definitely inspired us to try new dishes for dinner. Highly recommend.

Alexa A.

What is the Flavor Fix?

It’s pretty simple, really.

Unique Flavor

Unique Flavors.

We craft our spices blends with the finest quality natural and organic ingredients.
Home Delivery

Home Delivery.

We deliver your dose of delicious flavor directly to your mailbox.

Recipe Inspiration.

The Flavor Fix creates and curates delicious recipes and culinary inspiration.  You provide the rest!

Why do I need Flavor Fix?

Because we all need a little spice in our life.

Food is an everyday fact of life.

Food is an everyday fact of life.

Whether a quick bite, or a seven course meal, we all have to eat.  We should not take that for granted.

You love new culinary experiences.

You love new culinary experiences.

It’s time to branch out, choose your ingredients, and make something new.  Variety is the spice of life!

Spice can make the dish.

Spice can make the dish.

The possibilities are endless, from savory meats, soups, and  roasted vegetables, to baked breads and pastries.

How Does It Work?

Just a few simple steps...

Select Your Flavor Fix

1. Select your Flavor Fix dosage.

Choose your Flavor Fix to get started. Easy, convenient, and simple.  

2. Relax and wait for your Flavor Fix.

We’ll deliver the flavor to your mailbox.

Cook Delicious Food

3. Craft delicious food.

Use our recipes that are easy and quick, but full of delicious.  Or contribute your own!

And then what?

Build your Spice Library.

Build your Spice Library.

Stock up and innovate with new flavor combinations. Check out our Flavor Fix Paraphernalia for spice storage, organization, and more.

Share your flavor inspiration.

Share your new flavor inspiration.

Spread the flavor with friends and family, and earn Flavor Fix discounts! Join the Flavor Fix community, connect with other Flavor Fix addicts, and share the tasty.

The Flavor Fix Experience:

Gourmet crafted spice blends.   

Uniquely blended spices, sugars and salts.   

Recipes and flavor profiles for your gourmet spices.